About Me

Hi, my name is Evelyn Marie Hanf Campbell, I was born in Minneapolis. Grew up in Saint Paul, MN; the Frogtown area. I was adopted in 1986 by a woman named Oree Campbell. I went to Museum Magnet Elementary School, Expo For Excellent Middle School and Arlington Senior High School home of the Phoenix.

I started writing at the end of my 6th grade year at Museum Magnet Elementary School. It was a way for me to let everything that happened in pre-school through Elementary school come out in a positive way. Through out Middle school and high school, I continue to write about my issues with bulling and teasing. Even now I still write about issues that goes on in today world news, and in our Country.


History of project

In this part you can describe the project's history and give reasons for its creation. It is convinient to mention project milestones and honor participating people.