Best Friend For Eternity!

Loosing a Best friend to death,

Isn't Easy

You May Feel numb at first,

Or You May feel like what the fuck?

Or Why did this have to happen to her?

My Best Friend just past away April 13, 2008

I Feel numb

Shocke and like why did she have to go?

Why did my 24 year old friend go at a young age

Leaving behind an Almost one year old baby boy

Feeling lost

It's sad to say her son will never see her

But betta believe he will know his mother through friends and family

I'm Completely Numb

My Heart Once again is broken in two

There's a hole, void in my soul and heart

In Time Will be whole again.

To have a Forever long lasting friendship

That started by saying dont tease her

And just being yourself and have a catch phrase

Like Meow meow at each ending of a phone call

Thats what friendships should be

Many may of say our friendship was ending but

We defered from that form happening

Cause a seven year long friendship just dont end over drama

She was and will always be a foot soldier for God

An Angel on Earth and in Heaven

May her heart be at peace as she takes a enternal sleep

SHe was like our old high school mascot

A Phoenix in the works

Who rose from the ashes when she was younger

She has succeeded in life and

Lived it to the fullest

Best friends for life

Best friends for eternity

I will always remember you and

I will always love you


To my Best Friend Mallory Dozier RIP Girly Girl


April 16 2008

Feb 26 2010

Jan 22 2012


Evelyn Marie Campbell

aka Kylie Hanf