From Light to Darkness Back to Light again!

I came from light

went to darkness

back to light to joy and happiness!

Gone through HELL and back

Made some bad ASS decisions

Shoudla woulda Kept

Like my momma say ain't no one perfect

I soo get that Now!

I now know I ain't Perfect

Burned a lot of people out of my life

Kicked them out

Kicked the ones who was a bad influence on me

A decision I really needed to make

Making one decision to start a new and better life

In a new year with a new decade.

Try to put the past to rest

Its hard but I'm doing that slowly

One by one I'm Accepting people apologies

One by one I'm saying good by to those who've

Done me WRONG!

As I grew up from a Child to a young Female to a grown Women.

I Realize now there is more to live then the kiddish games

Gossip and going out all through the night

I grew from Light fell to darkness Drawn back to

Light & Joy.

I'm Happy now.

I am and will be who I am and no one Will be able to change that

Only I can...

January 3rd 2010

Feburary 26 2010

By: Evelyn Marie Hanf Campbell aka Kylie Hanf ©