The I's Of Life!

I Finnally feel peacefull with the way I am.

I am who I am

I do what I wanna do

Feeling like people should except me

The way I am

I am graceull, beautifull, soaring, young

Half German, African American Woman

I am my mothers child

Who Is Strong, Fearless, Resiliance to what the

World bring to my face.

Shouldn't have to change who I am

Dumb asses of the world needs to

Realize I ain't gonna

Change my cover of my book

For anyone who claims I need to!

I am a forever rising PHOENIX who is rising from

Her own Ashes

Soaring though the worlds harshness

Making it through the teasing, laughing, picking on, name calling

and anything else the

Dumb Asses can throw at me!

I am a PHOENIX who is a Gracefull Beauifull Strong, Fearless, Reiliance Soaring

Young Half German, African American Woman

Who is who she is if ya Dont Like it

Oh Well then Fuck you

I am who I am!


Febuary 26 2010

Jaunary 22 2012

Evelyn Campbell

Aka Kylie Hanf