4Th of July An American Holiday

Bright Lights


Bright Shinning Stars

The Red, White and Blue

Across the black of the blackest sky

From New York to Minnesota

From People young and old.


The 4th of July, An American Holiday

To celebrate our freedom we won so long ago

We bring back soldiers from endless wars

Wars to keep us free from people who

wants to do us harm

We carry the American Red, White and Blue Flag

At Half Staffed everyday

We morn those Who've died fighting

It's sad to say

We still celebrate the 4th of July with pride

When we temporally enslave countries to keep ours safe

Freedom that no one these day truly have

So every year we American put on a face

to Celebrate the Red, White and Blue

From sea to shinning sea

To mountain tops of white snow

The rockets blood red glare

To the realest of the brave

we Celebrate in snow rain and thunderstorms

We will still celebrate our 4th of July an American Holiday.

April 13th 2010

Evelyn Marie Hanf Campbell