Are We Really That Different?

I never asked to be mixed!

It just happened!

So why are people talken shit?

Like damn look at that fucken mutt!

Her mumma must of been white!

Ya know!

Like how the fuck would your dumb ass know?


My mumma must of been white!

But That is Just the

Cover of my large book

Before you turn the page and judge a person

Before looken in!

You should get to know them

Not them as in the old days

But Them as in the new days

Get to know who they are to see

They're just like you

They not as the old days

But They as in the now daysI know i still have my own issues

When it comes to other racies

I don't condem everyone

You need to be respectfull towards people

to get respected back

It's like being the

Fat, Gay, Deaf, Emo kids.

I can now honestly say I've been all of them

Just not in that order

I've Walked down most peoples Shoes

Just like what Eminem Says

"Not just based on my description
'cause where you see it from where you're sitting
Is probably 110% different
I guess we would have to walk a mile
In each other's shoes, at least
What size you wear? I wear tens
Let's see if you can fit your feet"

Try walking in yours once in a while

Before you judge

Look at your damn life

Before looking in to mines

 I Betcha it's gonna be
Bitch slap in the face when you Do

Then you'll realize our lives may not be

As Diferent at all

Once ou take care of youreself

Then Come to me about your

Lame ass problems

It aint gonna compare to mines

Cause in the long run

I'm Still gonna get judge by the

Cover of my book

Judges by whats not in the inside

But by whats on the outside

Again I ask Why?

Why the hell we all cant just get along

We lie in the 21st centry and

Yet we're still having racial issues

If that was the case

What was the point of

Electing an African American for president?

Even so call fake Politicans

Can't See eye to eye with eachother

So Maybe we all should go back to being

Children Cause

 They have more sense then we do

All i'm ranting on about is We

Shouldnt Judge

We all ahe different racial background and

We have the right of becoming the

Person We can become

Before you Judge




 Feburary 15th 2010

 Feburary 26th 2010

 January 22nd 2012

Evelyn Marie Campbell

Aka Kylie Hanf