Words Are Words That Can Always Hurt Your If You Left Them do!

Words are words

That People can & Will

Use to Hurt you

What you do after

They're said & done

Is Your Choice

Don't Allow Ignorant people control

How you feel &

How you do things in your life

The following phrase:

"Sticks and stones may break your

Bones, But words will never hurt you."

Is an inaccurate phrase,


Will always Hurt you

They stick like glue


Remember Them Years After They're

Said and done


Like Evil-Lyn, not saying your name right

Evelyn, E not a I

Saying your Ugly, Fat
Will make you wanna hurt yourself and others

I know i did the hurting yourslef part

It's something I'm Not proud of

But I will preach to anyone who

Will hear me, my voice

Telling them it's not worth it


Will cut in too deep

So deep people will react

In a way untill its too lait

look at Columbine, Colorado;  Rocori High, MN

Kids who we're bullied

picked on, called names

and no one saw it coming

Sucide is the second killer in

Teen and kids these days

Because of Bulling that

Bureacrats wont acknowledge

Teachers who wont step in untill

It's too lait

Parents who are way too naive

To believe they're kids can and can't

be the ones who are and aren't

the bullied or bullies


Hate it when idiotic parents say

Oh not my kids they're not bullies

But they are!


CuaUntill you've walked a mile in another

Person shoes

Don't tease or bully them

Cause words are words

That Will always use to

Hurt you

What you do after they've been said and done

is your choice.

April 13, 2010

Feb 22, 2012

Evelyn Campbell